Welcome to have a look at my Tipi which is an idea I've got from the whirling rainbow prophecy that I ones came across.Its also a mixture between a Sioux Tipi and Sami Kåta and the dreams that comes to me.It all started at the end of summer1997 and this structure has become very important to me,so why not call it a "ImporTENT " I feel me pushed but also guided by a strong force to maintain this work until its finished. When it will be I cant tell because this feelings are just grooving stronger and stronger.From the beginning there was some main ideas for an own construction

 1. Facilitate the transport ( no (12)  15 poles  6-7 meter long hanging outside the car )

 2. Able to setup even when you are alone.
 3. Make it so rainproof it can be and   still have a fire going on with the  wind flaps closed.
4. And still keep the feeling of a Tipi

It has finally 2007 become totally rainproof and I can have a fire with the wind flaps closed .Everybody  who have camped in a Tipi knows what it can be like if the smoke doesn't find its way out.Now I can let the smoke go out through the enlarged whirl center and use three thin ropes to move a "drum" or what ever I shall call it ,to keep the raindrops out and also let the wind wind up the smoke . In Sweden (were I live) the weather can be both very cold and rainy but also quite hot.( very rare ) Its so nice to crawl inside and come together in the shelter of a Tipi.You will find yourself in the womb of Mother Earth.The inspiration for making a "Tipidoor" comes both from The Sami people (they live in the north of Scandinavia and in the northern parts of Russia ) and from the need to let the water stay out.But I also wanted to give the Tipi a powerful decoration . The Turtle shield is the symbol of the earth we walk upon,our Mother,so by entering the door you end up inside her womb.As an extra bonus I could add 13 windows to the door.I painted the poles in the colors of a rainbow evidently because of the whirl made by the poles,the Whirling Rainbow Tipi was born .To me it have become a way to make art out of it,to use my creativity .I have choose not to paint the canvas,in respect for the tradition (what I've heard) that just a holy man  was allowed to do that. As I can remember,I have wished to own a Tipi  since I was a little boy.It toke me more than 40 years to fulfill that dream in 1997. I try to do small improvements every time we have used it,not just to facilitate tipi living but also be the tool to make it what it´s meant to be ?(A couple of times there have been realy strong energies under the whirl) .  A strong feeling or a crazy idea? I don´t care,me and my family are proud Tipi owners, and we enjoy the bright light energy inside and around it.
Here´s a picture of the final top construction  , that I have find  satisfied , my thoughts and dreams . Its gives Me alot of energy .
I know that this Tipi looks wrong in many beholders eyes . It´s not traditional ,  it´s  to modern materials.But I hope this site inspire you  to go for your dreams before it´s to late .Step by step  No matter what your dreams are as long as they don´t hurt Mother Earth or anyone else . In my case I dreamed as a boy to own a Tipi , but I never meet anyone else that had  the same vision before I was 45 years old ..Now it makes people talk, it´s like owning a pup .Maybe you had  a dream when you were a child .You still have a inner child that would be very happy if you start living  that dream . / Mats
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