Through the years 1997 - 2006 I used a thin and mobile pole frame construction .But at springtime 2007 I decided to try out a new construction with a stiff top .This is why this page has become divided in the two .The way to put them up are more or less the same .Yet the 2007 construction are much more solid .The pipes fits better together and the  poles are thicker .But it´s also unfortunately fairly hard to built .This time I also went to the junkyard to get all material except for the wood i needed .To buy new aluminium pipes should have cost me far to much .
Mobil top ca 180cm high .
Above you can see the "wreath" that hold the poles together. They also were nailed to the textile to prevent that they stayed put in there position .
 Stiff top inclusive "rainblocker" which regulate the chimney .All  about  70cm high together .
The tripod is mounted lying down then pulled up i standing position .Top-poles are added.
Two short poles (red and blue adds before a long yellow . Then the two short ones are added to full height ..If this is not done right the frame will tip over and crash . Now it´s time to mount  the rest of the poles and then it´s ready for the canvas .
A tackle is mounted at the top .Its easy to pull up and take the canvas down without getting it wet or dirty  if the canvas is kept in a box .
Below a variant to get the canvas up .
Starts With No Tripod - But A "Fifteenpod"
Adding the "top-poles".With out these , would it look more like a Wigwam or a Sami Kåta . They are mounted with a short pin-bolt , just to prevent them from not blowing down . Really not necessary when they stay put with a short piece of pipe.
+ Three more poles .Now it have become a tripod and a "twelvepod".Next step is to push the tripod towards the edge of tarpaulin one pole at the time. ............
Yes I know that it looks like a stick-game .
Now it became just a tripod but it needs to become higher. As you will see the bundle of poles.(" the fifteenpod")will go all the way up until its high enough , before the rest of the poles are added .
Now is it high enough and the tripod is pushed to the edge of the tarpaulin
The rest of the poles are put in place . Simply attached just by female and male  pipes at the end of the poles .
As you clearly can see this Tipi is not egg shaped at the bottom , its a perfect circle , which make the Tipi stable . The blue ring on the tarpaulin  will be used both for the liner and to stiff up the poles .
The box in the doorway which I made for the canvas , comes in handy when I have to attached the two highest sticks . When the boxes are inside they are excellent to store other things, food ,sleeping bags etc.
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