At last it´s able to have the fire burning with the wind flaps closed. From now on it can rain as much as it wants . The hole in the whirl (chimney) function now is able to regulate with three thin ropes.
In front above . The pipe has nothing to do with the Tipi .It´s from a vat for washing .
The old top-poles became ridiculous short so I have to make new ones later on .
At home , testing the new stiff top . The rain cap is far to big ,disturbing and shivering ugly .I had to shrink the construction at least 13 inches .The final rain cap will later get some weight to prevent the wind from  lifting it up.
Our Tipi camping experience could have ended were it started . More or less 9-days of rain and some really heavy ones. Made trails into mud creeks , we was quite lucky anyway .Because we were able to dry our sleeping bags and other wet stuff . . It was also obvious that 12 poles wasnt enough to carry up the canvas . Thats why the strange  look at this picture . So after that  camp I added 3 more poles to the construction.
To use stakes made of 10 Inch nails are just supreme .
Back at Ed for the third time . Manitonqwat ( Medicine Story ) and Ellika among others having dinner on the grass balcony outside the Tipi.
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