Under the Whirling Rainbow  by the Fire , feel the Power, feel the Energy, feel the Spirit . Space and Harmony and just Time for Truth .
I painted the liner in the winter (04) It was quite a  tuff job .The pattern is Mayan and could be found on temples and pyramids . Its the skin of a rattle-snake (Crotalus durissus durissus)which only live at the Yucatan peninsula .The colors is more Swedish folklore . The painting goes round and the serpent swallow it self when the canvas door is closed .Then it becomes a Ouroboro , a god symbol for the circle of life . A very old world around knew symbol .
This is our Tipi Spirit , Stone Child . She or He just showed up when we lighted candles around some stones the first time we used our tipi . Thats what I call a good sign . A spirit baby found a home in Whirling Rainbow Tipi, Wow !
A Murrika ( a flat wok pan )over the "fire pit" makes it easy to get tasty food of different kinds of .Pan cakes  or a wok is done in a minute.
 Left : There are a reflex from the fire at the "Chimney pot" and the wind flaps are closed .
Right : A closer look at the "rain blocker", it´s open in the wind direction .
Let the stars shine in ....
The door (or even window )viewed from the inside , spacious but flat . Realy great , no more  problems with water on floor close to the door .
This stove and fire pit is made from an electric engine bonnet found at my spare part store. The junkyard , best dealer in recycling .All parts comes  from that vendor, so its very cheap. It stands on an  traffic sign  which I have painted black . It protects the tarp and are also a god place to store and dry wood .The Junkyard  is a well ,you just need fantasy or an idea .

A fire has and will always attract people to sit down and relax  , its magic  ,very magic . It was the ability to have a living fire that made me make that Tipi at last.
Why Story